Superior Amber

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Inspiration: Amber Extrait by Roja Parfums

Gourmand lovers rejoice over the cacao and vanilla-dominant Amber Extrait by Roja Parfums. Regretfully, the discontinuation in production has halted the exploration of many when it comes to discovering this noteworthy composition. What's marketed as an amber fragrance results in an expression of decadent vanilla coupled with powdery cacao before labdanum resin constructs an unforgettable accord that earns this fragrance its name. Precious woods partake in the fragrant medley all the while exalting the ambery resins with their woodsy foundation. Lavender is present and ready to supply the scent with the distinct character that makes Roja Parfums the signature blends that they are. The discontinuation of this fragrance was enough for us to step in and resurrect this beauty under the name Supreme Amber. A scarcity of ingredients has currently limited our production to 100 bottles. Until we can source the right components for the closer match that we desire, stock is limited, and it will go fast! Make sure you add a bottle of this head-turning scent to your collection while supplies last! This may be your final chance to experience this iconic amber blend before it's gone for good.


NOTES: Bergamot Oil, Geranium, Lavandin, Orange, Rose, Cacao, Benzoin Resin, Vanilla Bean, Patchouli, Cedar, Sandalwood, Amber Accord, and Tonka Bean.

30 ML (1 FL.OZ)

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$ 60.00
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Superior Amber
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