The Conqueror of UAE

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Inspiration: Alexandria Orientale (UAE Exclusive Edition) by Xerjoff.

With a collection dedication to one of the most precious materials in the perfume industry, there is no question that Xerjoff has maintained a track record for putting out some of the best oud fragrances we have ever been delighted by. This time, they have done it again with a fragrance that is exclusive to the United Arab Emirates. This fragrance is called Alexandria Orientale, and it is enough to capture any oud lover's attention. A pairing of oud and vanilla shows us the sweeter side of this dark and mysterious ingredient. Refinement is spoken through a tobacco leaf note that invariably expresses to us the wisdom of its ways. Bulgarian rose adds its rich and multilayered posture while green apple gives a crisp and natural freshness to the otherwise full and impenetrable notes. A veil of sublime powder suffuses the blend with a light coating. Virginian cedarwood enriches the base with a peppery and authentic outlook that conveys the appeal that Xerjoff has possessed since the brand's inception. With The Conqueror of UAE, one is not limited by neither a high price nor geography in being able to experience the splendor and richness of this most exquisite blend. The land is yours for the taking. Conquer and gather your spoils today.


NOTES: Green Apple, Basil, Omani Frankincense, Leather, Coriander Oil, Italian Orris, Rose Otto, Virginian Cedarwood, Madagascar Vanilla, Agarwood, Tobacco Leaf, Musk, Amber, and Sandalwood.

GENDER: Unisex

CONCENTRATION: Extrait de Parfum

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