Worldly Femme

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Inspiration: Material by Amouage

When the name Amouage is uttered, conversations of uniqueness and longevity usually ensue. The Omani brand is known for their long lasting perfumes and the daring nature of their compositions. Some of the most daring offerings from the brand include Interlude for Men, Fate for Men, and Myths for Men. One thing is certain: Amouage fragrances march to the beat of their own drum! When it comes to amber perfumes, some can lean dry and balsamic while others are sweet and resinous. The latter is true in this case since vanilla from Madagascar enriches the blend in the most delightfully sweet way! Oud and incense create the darkness to add a layer of mystery and suspense to the formula. Tonka Bean acknowledges the sweetness that is created by vanilla, and it keeps the note company through a sweetness of its own. Worldly Femme is our inspired expression of Material by Amouage, and we can guarantee that it is the best amber vanilla fragrance that you can try! It is also widely known that Amouage fragrances can be quite expensive, so you can expect quality at a bargain with our inspired expression! Worldly Femme is for the mysterious adventurer who is not afraid to explore unseen settings and foreign lands. May the power and spirit of exploration grow strong within you. Worldly Femme awaits you to begin your journey.


NOTES: Patchouli, Elemi, Madagascar Vanilla, Benzoin, Tonka Bean, Incense, Guaiac Wood, Labdanum, Agarwood, and Osmanthus.

GENDER: Unisex

CONCENTRATION: Extrait de Parfum

Bottle is filled to 34 ML (1.1 FL.OZ) even though the current label may show 30 ML

$ 55.00
$ 55.00
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Worldly Femme
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