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Inspiration: Gao by Xerjoff

While Xerjoff is a niche house that is synonymous with long-lasting perfumes, there is one perfume that redefines what a strong fragrance represents. This offering is Gao, and the longevity of the aroma itself is as long at the 200-mile river on which the city after which the perfume is named is located. The River Niger is the third-longest river in Africa, and the longevity of Xerjoff’s Gao is just as enduring. One spray will enshroud you in an aroma of virile agarwood, spicy saffron, and earthy smoke. Contributing to the natural exhaust is the cypriol oil along with Gurjan balsam. This meditative aroma will take you on quite the transformative journey. Zoktara is our version of this amazing perfume, and for once, we have decided to not tinker around with the longevity. For a dark and smoky fragrance that will wear for 12+ hours on your skin, Zoktara ought to be your primary choice. This perfume is sure to be admired by lovers of earthy fragrances and pursuers of the best agarwood perfumes alike. The aroma is complex and unapologetic. Zoktara contains everything we love in a fragrance and more! We are proud to add this one to the Dua library, and we hope that you scoop up your bottle before the smoke completely dissipates!


NOTES: Agarwood, Saffron, Resins, Cypriol Oil, Juniper Berry, Gurjan Balsam, Amber Accord, and Patchouli.

GENDER: Feminine

CONCENTRATION: Extrait de Parfum

30 ML (1 FL.OZ)

$ 33.00
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