15 Best Selling MFK BR 540 Inspired Fragrances


Masion Francis Kurkdjian BR540 fragrance is insanely popular but the cost of having it is bankruptcy. Introducing impressions of such classics is not an easy art.

But hey, nothing is impossible for The Dua Brand-dare devils of fragrance industry.

We have jotted down all the beast of MFK fragrances that smell the same.

Your job is to just pick the one that best suits you and let the game of compliments begin. 😉

Casino Royale

Are you smitten with Maison Francis Kurkdjian BR540? But what about the price, that is painfully expensive? Try our Casino Royale, an inspiration of MFK BR540.

You will be amazed by all the accords that will radiate an addictive everlasting scent. ☺

Casino Royale Nights

Casino Royale Nights is a highly coveted fragrance of Dua as it is inspired by the famous MFK BR 540 Extrait de Parfum. We took the main essence of the original and amped it up with Dua’s twist. Floral, sweet, and seductive all-in-one juice. Your SOTD will be sorted with this one. 🙌

Dark Casino Royale Nights

People who are in love with the aroma of burnt cotton candy and crushed resins praise our Dark Casino Royale Nights. It is an inspiration for MFK BR540 Extrait. It forms a fragrant bubble with more noticeable ambergris notes, the added almond notes accentuate the jasmine, bringing out the pleasant floral notes. a fresh, sensual, delicious musk with cotton candy that lingers for hours. 🥰

Casino Royale Cotton Candy Nights

Casino Royale Cotton Candy Nights is inspired by our hybrid expression of MFK BR540 and Cotton Candy de Dua. In the heart, Egyptian jasmine and Moroccan almond may be detected, providing the perfect natural tones to this delicious scent. This tempting perfume is blamed to create a bubble of ecstasy around people, mesmerizing everyone who comes close! Get your hands on this to experience the craziness. 😋

Imperialé Casino Elixir

The idea of making juice by mixing the accords of Creed and MFK BR 540 was a hit. Imperialé Casino Elixir is our tribrid-inspired expression. It's a delightful blend of flowery and fruity undertones that doesn't overpower and exudes quality throughout. You won’t find a better clone of your favorite than this. 🤩

Gone Swimming At Casino Royale

A citrusy juice with a watery undertone, who imagined? Gone Swimming At Casino Royale is inspired by our hybrid of Louis Vuitton Afternoon Swim and MFK BR 540 Extrait. This innovative idea is to make you experience the aquatic and spicy aroma both at the same time. The marriage of LV and MFK fragrance takes no time in becoming people’s favorites. 😋

Tux Of Casino Elixir

Exciting, desirable, and delicious Tux Of Casino Elixir secured the compliments. Inspired expression of our hybrid Creed, YSL and MFK. Mahsam has brought his own taste into it which undoubtedly enhanced the scent. This gripping addition to our fruity oriental genre will be your love at first sight. 🙈

Judea's Casino Royale

Our take on hybrid of Parfums de Marly Herod and MFK BR540 is Judea’s Casino Royale. Tobacco, labdanum, and vanilla combine to provide a smooth and sweet trio. The dry down is dark and resinous. You will get the whiffs of MFK BR540 throughout the day. An impression that is worth the investment. 😎

Queen Of Casino Royale

Queen Of Casino Royale olfactory is inspired by kings of perfume Xerjoff Pikovaya Dama MFK B540 extrait. This classic clone is created after mingling citrusy and floral notes. Woody notes are also involved in enhancing and deepening the scent. If you are in search of an inspired fragrance, give it a go! 🥳

Chocolate Casino Royale

A scrumptious chocolate dessert with plums and almonds. Served with the ingredients that will brighten your surroundings just like Casino club does. Pairing the intensity of Baccarat Rouge 540 Extrait with the chocolate delight of Belgian Choco Truffle results in a combination of incomparable flavor–Chocolate Casino Royale.

With just one scent, you'll be intrigued! We hope you're in the mood for dessert! 🤤

Casino Love Dungeon

A concoction created by intertwined Moroccan orange flowers and Turkish rose, bitter almond is soothed with musk and ambergris teasing moves. The inspiration behind this enthralling fragrance is a hybrid of Boadicea The Victorious Love Poison & Maison Francis Kurkdjian Baccarat Rouge 540 Extrait.

Wear and see what the hype of Casino Love Dungeon is all about! 🤠

The Mobster's Casino

Rivers of tobacco descend into a pool of peppery, dried ginger, and black plum molasses. An ambered breeze blows, causing the waves to churn white peaks made of vanilla. An inspiration of hybrid of MFK Baccarat Rouge 540 Extrait & Roja Parfums Vintage Creation-E is a win win.

Snatch all the limelight by just spritzing The Mobster Of Casino. 🙌

Poseidon's Vert Casino

People love Poseidon’s Vert Casino, an inspiration for Creed and MFK. It is a luxurious vibe captured in a bottle that too in your budget. The ultimate beauty is created by mixing seductive notes of musk and incorporating sweet fruity notes. Indulge yourself in the scent to explore what ecstasy is! 🥰

Poseidon's Casino Supernova

We took the best from Creed and MFK BR540 and created an inspired version named Poseidon’s Casino Supernova. The sensuality and longevity of Creed are mingled with the fruitiness of MFK BR540 with little sprinkles of DUA’s twist. It is our most talked about olfactory which takes no time to get out of stock. To feel the blast of boldness and freshness, get yourself bathed in Poseidon’s Casino Supernova. 😍

Poseidon’s Bleu Havana Cologne

Is it costing you too much to smell like Bleu de Chanel or Creed? What if you can get the same feeling without investing a lot?

Poseidon’s Bleu Havana Cologne is our tribrid inspired expression of Chanel, Creed, and Theirry Mugler. The fresh wave of Thierry Mugler Pure Havana will work as a surfboard to keep you energetic all day. You will feel enchanted by all the woody aromatic ingredients. Shine alone by getting Poseidon's Bleu Havana Cologne! 💪

The Dua Brand locked these terms for themselves. Everyone has the right to smell luxurious and admirable. Mahsam is restless when it comes to creating inspiration. Don’t for a second think that we are done. A lot of surprises are on the way, so stay tuned.

Get engulfed in our exclusive inspiration and feel the charm.

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