15 Best Wicked Fragrances For Halloween 2022


It is a Halloween night: The full moon is out shining in the dark, you can hear the howling of wolves and pings of bats, and on top of that, you can feel someone watching you from behind the shrubs. Scared enough? Don’t be! 😈

We have created a list of the best darkest DUA fragrances so that all evils will stay at bay from you this Halloween. 💀



No festival is complete without scrumptious dishes. Following that, Scrumptious by The DUA Brand is here to make your Halloween get-together a flavorful event to be remembered. You will not regret wearing this classic of floral accords combined with oriental accords like patchouli and cedarwood. Don’t blame us if Dracula considers you as their scrumptious meal. 🙊

Pumpkin Spice 2.0


What’s the meaning of Halloween without Pumpkin Spice 2.0? Doesn’t it sound like the perfect Halloween fragrance for you to rock this season? The sweetness of vanilla is spiced up a little by clove and ginger to make it a hit flanker for a warm, cozy, and fun-filled Halloween night. 👹



Just like how children get excited about candies, every olfactory lover gets excited about our juice named #Candy. The fruitier burst of watermelon and grapefruit will keep your mind fresh all day long. Spritz #Candy to see how people magnetically get attracted to you at this Halloween party. 👻

Spiced Gourmand


Spiced Gourmand is an olfactory platter of all the dry fruit notes so that you don’t need that extra jacket to keep you warm because who wants to spoil the Halloween outfit?
The darkness of tonka beans and musk is too good to explain as it will open your nostril flares till dawn. 😍

Dark Chocolate, Rum & Vanilla


Dark Chocolate, Rum & Vanilla……. What else is left to close the Halloween night party? There is enough hint of rose to slow down the unusual smell of dead bodies that surrounds you during the Halloween season. Be as dark as possible this Halloween. 😜

Accidental Vanille


Accidental Vanille is an ideal fragrance if you do not want to be too spooky. Vanilla sitting on top of sandalwood will make sure you sit on the top of the fragrance freak list. The sweet aroma with a bit of depth will fascinate the ghost around you. Be careful! 👹

Her Shyness


DUA’s Original Blend, Her Shyness, is a mouth-puckering mixture of red apple, whipped cream, and vanilla. It works contrary to the title, a woman’s friend which makes them feel confident and special. Enjoy the Halloween party without fear because this scent will captivate ghosts in a positive way. 👻

Ottoman Drowned In Vanilla


Keep them guessing with the tantalizing nature of Ottoman Drowned In Vanilla. Heavenly unique layers of vanilla, rose, bergamot, and jasmine are what this olfactory is all about. The presence of ginger, patchouli, and pepper will add little spice that you need to level up those Halloween games. 👀

Banana Foster


Ever had vanilla ice cream with banana liqueur poured on it? Chefs kiss! That flavor is to die for. DUA’s Original Blend Banana Foster will give you the same feel. If you are a soft-hearted person who avoids going out in the dark, take it easy—-- spray some Banana Foster, tune into Netflix, and BOOM you are good to enjoy the Halloween night alone. 🙉

Vanille De Mexico


Spritz Vanille De Mexico on your Halloween costume 2022 & you will smell it in Halloween 2023 as well. A perfect unisex with a combination of dark and subtle notes. An alluring gourmand that will not let you down ever. 😈

Leche De Rose


Get into the vibe of Halloween festivities with our all-rounder Leche De Rose. The pleasant aroma of roses is coated with creamy vanilla and steamed milk to create a unique DUA Original. This scent will trick all the ghosts and goblins because it smells deliciously yum! 🤤



Singularity will make you think of the orange moon hiding behind the frightening clouds on a dark Halloween night. A classic take on woody oriental that will turn the heads of the dead in search of the scent. Are you courageous enough to play some hide and seek with DUA’s Singularity this Halloween? 🙈

Choco Cognac


Some dark chocolate for Halloween? Yes, please! Choco Cognac is an iteration that gives you whiffs of chocolate every now and then. Just to maintain the spookiness, it is leathered with ylang-ylang and cognac. Get ready to silence the howling of wolves…yes, the scent is that comforting. ☠

Purest Tonka


Purest Tonka is particularly made for man to get their inner beast out for Halloween eve. The Tonka bean and coffee is a blend that never failed to amaze you. Is there anything more suitable than coffee in winter? And on top of that, accords of mint and lavender…. Just a warning, you will miss out on a deadly combination if you let go of our bottle of Purest Tonka. 👻


Before entering a haunted mansion, you better spray some Aristocratic so that witches are already pleased by you and avoid scaring you. Exotic notes like cardamom and resins are added to blend beautifully with wine and honey. Your confidence will be boosted if you have this by your side. Give it a shot once! 🤩

These are our chilling recommendations for the dark, creepy, spooky, and fun-filled Halloween season.
Let us know which one you are trying this Halloween season. Be cautioned as these recommendations are deadly impactful. 💀

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