Top 15 Fragrances That You NEED This Winter!


We are sure you have sorted out your most attractive knitwear to make a noticeable presence, but do you know what else matters the most when it comes to winter fashion? Warm, mysterious, and attention-grabbing winter scents! 😋

DUA FAM, you don’t have to worry about the selection of best seasonal fragrances, as we have already made a list of top 20 winter fragrances for you to lead the olfactory game as a PRO!

So, keep reading to pick the best suited winter fragrances as per your taste and personality! 🙌

Intense Cappuccino

Haven’t found the best cappuccino to drink in the winter yet? Well, not sure about the beverage, but, Intense Cappuccino, DUA’s Original Blend is one of the best winter scents you will ever wear. Columbian Coffee Beans provide a dark rich aroma to the scent, Maple syrup will add the required sweetness, while a hint of cinnamon will complete the composition. A perfect coffee scent for all the coffee addicts out there! 🙈

Gently Tabac

Labdanum, benzoin, and vanilla are used to provide the robust effect to the DUA’s Original Blend, Gently Tabac! To make it a winter hit, earthy fragrances like guaiac wood, and moss are amazingly incorporated. Clary Sage, lavender, and vanilla are responsible for that mysterious and intricate scent. You shouldn't pass over Gently Tabac if you want to have a unique and dignified fragrance! 🙋‍♂️

Mocha Valencia

We all love to try every flavor of coffee that is present in a cafe. Just like that, Mocha Valencia is our successful experiment of creating a scent that is unique and completely addictive! Accords of whipped dark chocolate, whipping cream, and triple-strength espresso are added to make it a delicious scent that you probably want to sip. Not to forget, you will also whiff some musk here and there as it is added to enhance the overall flavor. Be careful as the juice is not for drinking purposes. 😝

DUA Formula 006


When you use Dua Formula 006, the gourmand scent of vanilla, cinnamon, and plum will strongly remain in the air. A few sprays of this seductive aroma are enough to keep your nose entertained throughout the winter season.

Lady Of WinterFell

Lady Of Winterfell is DUA’s Original Blend that commences with a burning rose accord. The smokiness is comforting and gentle. The amber is responsible for the warmth in the scent, making it on the list of winter fragrances. Get Ready, Winter is almost here! 🥶

Gold Oudh


The smell of our Gold Oudh is the only thing needed to complete the cozy vibe, which is being created by the midnight frost on the windows. It is blended with rich and luxurious ingredients like amber, ylang ylang, and rose. Wear this and you are all set to lead your Kingdom!

Set Your Flames

Set Your Flames! The name alone will provoke you to try this masterpiece at least once. The cedar wood and oakmoss in the base will evoke your mysterious side while the aroma of tonka beans and coconut will lend you compliments all day long. Do you aim to attract people around you? Set Your Flames will do the job perfectly! 🔥

Forbidden 1

Forbidden 1
is the best mild scent when it comes to amber woody fragrances. Copaiba balm and Tolu balsam's unique but lovely resins will give you the best exotic experience. The aroma of cedar, guaiac wood, and sandalwood are unbeatable when it comes to the winter season. Stay warm this winter with Forbidden No 1! 😋

Forbidden 2

Not a woody fragrant person? No problem! Forbidden 2 is the ultimate amber floral scent so that anti woody lover can satisfy their needs. The mixture of cumin, cloves, and pepper will give you the spicy fullness while labdanum in the base will captivate your attention as soon as it reaches its climax. We dare you to try this hard-to-find composition this winter! ☃

Completely Santal

Our outstanding inspiration for that creamy, powdery, and warm feel is none other than Completely Santal! This rich blend consists of coconut to add smoothness; lemon to bring a bright aura and vanilla is added to enhance the overall flavor. Go for it on our recommendation to make your winter evenings warmer and more sensual! 🙈

Love It For Him

All the right peppers are blended together to give this scent a unique opening. The flow of flavors of Love It For Him is for the ultimate gentlemen! Vetiver, amber wood, and vanilla are all set to make you the most elegant-smelling person in your gathering. 👀

Stronger With Dua Oud

Oudh never goes wrong in winter. Similarly, Stronger With Dua Oud will never disappoint you when it comes to projection and sillage power! The aroma mixed with vanilla and Lavender will remind you of a warm and cozy hug. Whereas depth of Oudh based scent can never be ignored. What’s stopping you from being the most wanted guy? Go ahead with Stronger With Dua Oud! 😈

Woody Opulence

Mr. Dua has added the oil of 4 diverse kinds of wood to get this perfect woodsy aromatic scent; Woody Opulence! The combination of musk and patchouli will keep the overall scent stronger but not too overpoweringly which means a perfect unisex, doesn’t it? 🤭

Spice From The East


Do you want to get your hands on something spicy rather than woody this winter? Spice From The East is what you should try! Before evolution takes you to a warm and sweet foundation, the saffron is accompanied in the opening by the whiffs of rose, jasmine, and artemisia. Spice From The East is not less than a winter FEAST! ❄

Dancing Notes

Dancing Notes, a graceful inspiration of Cavort by Fragrance Du Bois. The marriage of geranium and cinnamon creates a sensual effect. You will be on your toes out of happiness as soon as the scent reaches the base notes which are all about sandalwood and labdanum. Catch everyone’s eye with this regal aroma by wearing Dancing Notes to your next winter celebration! 🥳

We are sure these winter fragrances will modify your winter fashion to another level! Being warm, cozy, sensual and comforting is what winter demands and to meet that all you need is one of DUA’s winter fragrances! 😎

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