Looking for Originals, Hybrids & Inspirations? - A Guide to The Dua Brand


Finding the right fragrance that works for you is a very special moment because perfume is like personal magic, it sets the first impression and serves as a lasting recollection, for others to remember you, long after you’ve left the place.

Finding your signature scent can seem like a daunting task. You might think it’ll take you a long time finding one or you may just never find the one that feels right for you. Which ever concern you may have, at The Dua Brand, we are confident that you will be able to find your next favourite Dua fragrance.

The Dua Brand holds a library of 1000+ fragrances catering to both genders, with an extensive list of classifications such as Aquatic, Floral, Gourmand, Oriental, Woody, Citrus, Vanilla fragrances etc. With such an exhaustive list of fragrances available, you’re bound to find the one that speaks solely to you. At Dua, we use special ingredients accompanied by exceptional craftmanship to compose the best perfume that can be said to be worthy of a masterpiece status.

At Dua, you’ll find the collection of fragrances divided into 3 main categories being, Originals, Inspired Expressions and Hybrids.


Our Original fragrances are handcrafted original blends. More than just a fragrance, they reflect your personality, which you can use to make the most powerful and significant statements in your life. The natural elements chosen for the formulation of these unforgettable fragrances complement one other so beautifully that it raises the question, 'Why hasn't this combination occurred before?' So, what are you waiting for? Don't miss out on your chance to purchase these one-of-a-kind creations while supplies last!

Some of the best Dua Originals, with the most delectable composition, added in our collection include Leche de Rose, Sour Apple Candy, Mediterranean Sea, Fragcomm’s Toxicity, Painkiller Cocktail, Mint Margarita, Strawberry Cream Candy, Dirty Banana, Choco Biscotti, White Hot Chocolate & Rum, Kola Tabac, Ripe Melons.

Inspired Expressions

Inspired Expressions are our inspired version of fragrances with Mahsam Raza’s own twist. You’ll also find inspirations available of the most iconic fragrance brands such as Tom Ford, Christian Dior, Gucci, Chanel, Jo Malone, Dolce & Gabbana, and Hugo Boss, among many others. Our goal was to produce close inspirations of classic scents with a twist, using 1 to 1 ingredient matches. We ensure that the raw materials quality used is exceptional and once you smell the brilliance contained within these bottles, you'll wonder where these have been all your life!

Some of the exclusive and most remarkable fragrances available in this collection include Divine Musk, Essence of Lust, Explosion of Fruits, Savage Elixir, Taboo Green Opium, Casino Royale, Casino Royale Nights, Bois Noir, Supernova, Poseidon’s Elixir 13ZZ, Matrix, F’ing Unbelievable.


These are a blend of two or more fragrances to masterfully compose an incredible hybrid These models entail taking two or three existing perfumes and combining key notes from each to create something new that is comparable to the smells we're hybridizing while also adding a distinctive touch to each. These fragrances are developed with beautifully blended various notes which will lead you on the road of ultimate excitement. And we’re certain that you won’t be able to resist the scent these Dua perfume hybrids have to offer.

Some of the latest intoxicating Dua hybrids added to our collection that will lead you enamoured include, Gone Swimming In Savages Bleu Supernova, #Fierce Casino, Poseidon’s Cotton Candy, Zest of Herbs & Sea Salt, Bleu De Tiger, Tiger’s Forture, Gone Swimming In Caribbean Waters, Tiger’s Orange Aoud & Madagascar Vanilla Casino Elixir.

So, whether you're bored with the perfume you normally reach for or getting started in the world of fragrances, you’ll find something to your liking at The Dua Brand, for every occasion and for every season, that can help add some excitement to your olfactory wardrobe.

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