Must-Have Fragrances for this Summer


Summer is here, the official season of picnics, trips to the beach, refreshing cocktails and experiencing new summer perfumes. The changing seasons calls for a shift in our chosen fragrance blends. Summer scents are switched from the comforting layers which had warmed us throughout the winter, to more airy lightness. They are sharper, crisper and have more citrus and refreshing scents.  

For summer 2022, we have released a variety of new fragrances, so picking your new favourite signature scent for your seasonal refresh, will be much easier than you think.  

And because we know you all have been patiently waiting for the weather to warm up just enough to break out one of your favourite summertime fragrances, we have come up with a list of best summer perfumes that will become your “Must-Have”, this season!

Best Summer Fragrances for 2022

Exclusive Citrus

The tangy and tart yuzu combines with the freshness of mint to create an experience that is perfect for the summer. The oakmoss and patchouli produce a green vibe in the dry down, extending the fragrance's longevity for hours. This inspired expression exudes the greatest level of quality and artistry in every aspect. This new olfactive expression is guaranteed to make you stand out this summer!

Mint Margarita

The combination of citrus and mint conjures the vibrancy of summer, and refreshing drinks are precisely what we need to quench our thirst when the heat of the sun becomes intolerable. The Dua Brand's Mint Margarita is an original creation, and we've lightened it up with our unique components of green lime, fresh lime juice tincture, and spearmint. When you want to go on vacation but can't because of your busy schedule, Mint Margarita is the scent for you. With each figurative sip, you can sink deeper and deeper into a state of tranquilly. When there's a Mint Margarita on the menu, why worry?

Painkiller Cocktail

Another one of
Dua’s original creation, the Painkiller Cocktail is mélange of fruits that surely conveys tropical vibes, making it the perfect choice
this summer! The rum's spice exudes calm and serenity. Other sparkling ingredients include pineapple juice, orange juice and coconut. Allow yourself to be moved by the fragrance enchantment of Painkiller Cocktail, the drink that will relieve all your burdens.

Strawberry & Peach Swirl

Dua Fragrances original,
Strawberry & Peach Swirl, is a fresh twist on the gourmand genre, focusing on the sweetness of the fruits rather than the confectionery ingredients that have become the industry standard. In the beginning, the sweetness of the ripe peach and juicy strawberry promotes addiction, while the vanilla sweetness in the base enhances the naturally sweet properties of the enduring fruits. You’ll enjoy this blend of delicious fruity notes, making this experience one of the most sought after this summer

Bad Guys

Bad Guys is our olfactory tribute to the great late superstar Scott Hall.
It includes a healthy blend of exotic fruits such as Guayaba, ripe mango, papaya, and Varadero coconut. You’ll find the strongly spiced cocaina accord, in the heart, gives the fragrance a distinct scent. Prepare to be utterly delighted with this Dua’s Original!

Cologne De Musk

Cologne de Musk is our interpretation of a fantastic indie
scent and is one of the most effortless and most satisfying inspired expression we have worked on, making it the most desired fragrance this summer. The woodsy and musky dry down is as addicting as it gets, and we've got a citrus scent that will last far longer than you imagine! We can guarantee that once you try on this fragrance, it’ll become your go-to every summer!

Mint & Verte

Inspired by Creed, the natural ingredients present in this summer fragrance is both addicting and notable. You’ll find fragrant notes of neroli, pepper, mint, and ambergris present in this
bright and sunny jewel. In addition to that, herbal notes welcome you with their reassuring quality, resulting in a well-rounded blend that relaxes and makes you feel amazing. The perfect addition to your summer getaway! 

The Dua Brand’s bright, crisp, and flowery fragrances are vibrant enough to stand out while being subtle enough to use in the summer heat. We hope this list will help you decide which could be the best summer fragrance for men and women, this year. Whether they have classic summer notes or are giving you every cause to shake things up this season, these invigorating new scents will take your senses to a state of vacation-like ecstasy — even if you're staying close to home this summer. 


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