DUA Accessories featuring the Best Bakhoor!

Introducing our DUA Accessories featuring DUA Wallets, Pouches and Oud Bakhoor! Our wood chips are infused with the best aroma that are super similar to our bakhoor perfumes! Experience the aroma of the best bakhoor out there and discover our entire collection!

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DUA Bakhoor and Burner Bundle
Dua Bakhoor are incense wood chips that are infused with the best aroma that you can ever imagine! Dua Burners are made from the best, premium quality of metal and crystal. It is used to burn Bakhoor or Incense Wood...
$ 100.00
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1. Dua Diamond BurnerThe crystal is beautifully crafted for this burner with a high quality of metal. The burner is ideal for burning bakhoor or incense wood chips. Or you can just let it sit as a decoration piece as...
$ 50.00
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1. FirdausA beautiful Oriental Woody blend that will keep you craving for more! When the Organic Cambodi Oud sits with the beautiful Amber note, it elevates Firdaus Bakhoor to the next level. Don't miss out on this one! NOTES: Top:...
$ 75.00
DUA Leather Pouch
DUA Leather Pouches The DUA Leather Pouches are carefully hand-crafted with premium leather. Especially designed for your DUA 34ml fragrance! The light brown leather finishing provides a luxurious covering for your bottle. Get yours now before we run out of stock....
$ 15.00
The Dua Brand Wallets - Brown
The Dua Brand wallets are the accessory missing from your life! Made from premium quality leather with a sleek, pocket friendly design. Easy to carry in a bag, pocket or even hand! With a high craftsmanship and attention to details,...
$ 35.00

Looking for the Best Bakhoor?

Our DUA Accessories features products such as DUA Wallets, Pouches and Bakhoor! The star of this collection has to be our Oud Bakhoor which exudes the aroma of a bakhoor perfume. If you're looking for the best bakhoor, this is your treasure! Explore the collection now.

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