Jungle Juice Snow Cone

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Original: A Dua Original Blend

If you have ever been to a college frat party and the alcohol was scant, there is a strong chance you ended up consuming jungle juice for the evening! This name, which is given to a combination of various fruits and alcoholic beverages, sometimes refers to drinks of ill repute. However, the opposite is the case with our latest original creation, which has some of the juiciest and most enticing fruits including grape, watermelon, strawberry, and pineapple! The ripeness of these fruits is evident as you’re met with their sugary aroma almost instantly after applying this scent to skin. The grape soda accord is altogether fizzy and fruity while the various syrups delight you with their viscous texture. A blend of mint and crushed ice keeps the composition refreshing enough so that it may be enjoyed in the summer months! Jungle Juice Snow Cone is the perfect balance among sweet, fruity, icy, and fresh! This enchanting fragrance will impress you with its versatility and originality. Unlike the college frat parties of years past, you will have some class with Jungle Juice Snow Cone!


NOTES: Grape Soda, Watermelon Syrup, Strawberry Syrup, Pineapple Syrup, Mint, Crushed Ice Accord, White Musk, & Ambroxan

GENDER: Unisex

CONCENTRATION: Extrait de Parfum

30 ML (1 FL.OZ)

$ 60.00
$ 60.00
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Jungle Juice Snow Cone
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