Best-Selling Amber Fragrances Of All Time


Amber fragrances work magically when they are weaved with other tempting notes like benzoin, vanilla, musk, and some sweet notes. Although amber based fragrances could be used all year round but due to their warm touch, they project best in winters. 🥶

Take a look at DUA’s perfume wardrobe of the best amber fragrances while enjoying your coffee. ☕

Cashmere & Rosewood


If you yearn for deep, dark, and sultry amber fragrance to warm yourself up, Cashmere & Rosewood by The DUA Brand is what you might like. The woody accords will give you a vibe of tropical rainforest that you had on your bucket list. The combination of floral notes and amber will smell like nothing but petrichor. Your senses of smell will thank you once they are introduced to this enduring scent! 🌲

DUA’s Royal Instinct


As we move along on listing down the best niche amber fragrances, DUA’s Royal Instinct should definitely be discussed. The boldness of intense black, amber, cacao pod, and benzoin will mesmerize your senses, as soon as you open the bottle. The sweetness is just what you need while the incense aroma of musk and tonka bean is waiting in the dry down to make you fall for it even harder. 🙈

Poisonous Amber


The dramatic scent of this olfactory will make you question if you are holding a spell to captivate everyone’s attention around you. Poisonous Amber is filled with exotic ingredients like cedarwood, amber crystal and Damask rose. Your vision of potent amber scent will come to life with this one. 🤯

Havana’s Royal Chariot


Wrap up your senses in a blanket of comfort and sensuality with Havana’s Royal Chariot! The woods will temper the sweetness of vanilla and white honey while the heart of fragrance - that is filled by tobacco and cacao - will make the aroma mysterious while it lasts. The patchouli in the base is always a treat that you crave until the scent fades off after a long time. 😋

Accidental Angelic Vanille Elixir


Accidental Angelic Vanille Elixir is a blend of luxe accords like styrax, cognac, and praline. It’s a perfect elixir to heat up the winter evening with just a few sprays. Tonka bean, oak, and sandalwood complete the scent profile by providing a dark effect. 👀

DUA’s Vaniglia Dreams


How about owning a vanilla fragrance with a touch of floral amber? DUA’s Vaniglia Dreams will make this dream come true. Make sure to admire the playful notes of musk orchid, and caramel because they rightly deserve it! 😍



The only fragrance that can compete with your confident aura is none other than Churchill! The combination of oudh, ambergris and tuberose are a scent of heaven that you should experience once in your life. 😋

DUA 1899


DUA 1899, a scent that brings amber and vetiver together to give you a rich earthy aroma that is impossible to forget. The mixture of black pepper, amber, and cinnamon truly reflects the genre of amber spicy. Be a risk taker and give this one a chance to impress you the way no scent has ever been able to! 🙈

Amber Who Is Blonde!


Amber Who Is Blonde! has a variety of scent notes, including boozy, fruity, spicy, warm, and floral. One of the most intricate scents that we have created yet! The notes of tonka bean, labdanum, and vetiver in the base are sure to tug your heartstrings with the pleasing aroma. Be ready to have an amorous experience with Amber Who Is Blonde! 👀

Wood Of Amber


A masterpiece has been created by taking inspiration from Clive Christine’s Amberwood. DUA’s version is called Wood Of Amber! Where vanilla and labdanum are doing justice to the amber classification pink pepper and cypriol add a spicy touch into the scent. The fragrance of Wood Of Amber is so rich and luxurious that it will surely replace the original one in your wardrobe. 🧐

We hope you had an amazing read while searching for the best amber fragrance for yourself. Smell delightful all year round! 🙌

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