Celebrate International Fragrance Day With Us!


Have you ever wondered how dull the world would be without all the breathtaking fragrances that we get to experience? Sounds so unpleasing, right? 😒
A day that is celebrated by all fragrance lovers is here! Yup, we are talking about International Fragrance Day 2023! 🙌

Let’s make this day worth remembering by experiencing some thrilling DUA fragrances that are well known for their unbeatable longevity and sillage power. Listed below are the top 10 International Day Fragrances that we’ve compiled for you. Let’s dig in! 😋

Nomad Profumo - Peru


How could we not feature Nomad Profumo-Peru when we are talking about International Fragrance Day. Robinhood of fragrance, Mr. Mahsam, has captured all the natural beauty of Peru in a scent form. The accords of fir needles, pine tree, and Peru balsam will remind you of Amazon rainforest while essence of smoky and woody notes will suffuse you warmly just like the spectacular landscape of Peru! Experience the magical air of the land by spraying Nomad Profumo - Peru! ✨

Don’t Buy Me; I Smell!!


We don’t have to describe all the intricacies of the scent because the name, Don’t Buy Me; I Smell!! says it all. The elusive and rich aroma of musk and patchouli gradually escapes from the fruitier boundaries of pear, orange, and bergamot as the olfactory evolves. Fragrance addicts who love to smell unique, give this a try for an incredible experience! 😋

Sugar Of Garden


With starting notes like bergamot, lemon, and grand marnier, Sugar Of Garden is waiting to be picked to hypnotize your olfactory senses. The irresistible floral accords of ylang ylang and geranium resides in the heart notes of this addictive juice. Not to forget the opulence and sensual effect of musk and tonka bean taking this floral scent to a whole new level! 💐

Creamy Coffee Flan


If you want to celebrate fragrance day like a boss, Creamy Coffee Flan will not disappoint you! A touch of creamy vanilla is what you need after the tantalizing coffee aroma in the beginning. The answer to all your gourmand questions is hidden in this magical scent. You will beat the drum after experiencing it once, we bet! 😎

Fire God


Fragrance Day 2023 is the best time to discover your inner god of fragrances with none other than Fire God by The DUA Brand. The ineffable combination of sweet and spice is what you need to experience being a fragrance lover. Mango, lemon, and red berries are doing justice to the sweet top notes while ginger and cypriol are responsible for the spicy touch. The olfactory is deepened by the amber woody notes. It’s time to join the fragrance god in their fragrance revelry! 😎

The Empress


If you want to be known as a fragrance expert, The Empress from DUA Designer Line (DDL) is ready to make you one. The fruity floral aroma will make people fall in love with your scent choices and we are sure they will come back to you rolling for fragrance suggestions. Damask rose and pink peony are to be blamed for the pleasant aroma while the fruity whiffs of watermelon and strawberry will beef up the whole olfactory. Wear it and let us know; because we are waiting for all the praise! 🤩

Pink Champagne 9.0


Be ready to put your nose up from your already existing fragrance collection because Pink Champagne 9.0 from DDL will make you fall in love with it instantly. Sparkling champagne will greet you as soon as you open it. Accords like black wood and mahogany will play their part in warming up your senses. Pink Champagne 9.0 from DDL will make you want to clink the fragrance bottle instead of your wine glass at a party, we promise! 🥰

M'Ladys Sour Peach


The irresistible aroma of lush floral bouquet, ylang ylang, and neroli is making M'Ladys Sour Peach the best fragrance for International Fragrance Day! With accents of warm patchouli and sensual tonka beans, it’s a peachy fragrance with Mr. DUA’s twist. Labdanum, musk, and Madagascar vanilla is adding the perfect mystical flavor. M’Ladys Sour Peach is your ticket to a floral garden. Enjoy! 😋

Pomme Mind Control


The head of Pomme Mind Control is occupied by green apple, vanilla, and whiskey to control your senses. Moreover, the combination of rose, labdanum, and brandy will transport you to a swanky bar you once visited. Relish your best party memories with the energetic aroma of Pomme Mind Control! 🥰

Drowning In Miss Congeniality’s Aphrodisiac


If you want to excite people around you, Drowning In Miss Congeniality’s Aphrodisiac should not be missed on Fragrance Day 2023! Be ready to experience the olfactory ecstasy that comes through the mixture of spicy and floral notes. Shortly, you will perceive the richness of vanilla, sensuality of sandalwood, and inviting aroma of heliotrope. With such rich notes, you will smell like the wealthiest person in your circle. Don’t we all secretly love this? 👀

That’s all for today! Pick one that goes best with your personality and flaunt it by spraying as much as you want. Let your fragrance aura appear before you! It’s a day to celebrate and no one is judging. Happy Fragrance Day! ❤

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