Top 15 Recommendations For Valentine’s Day


Valentine's Day can be observed in a variety of ways. Whether you want to arrange a luxury trip to a beautiful location, a romantic dinner date, a movie night, or another surprise for your partner. If you are single, you don't have to feel left out because you may always decide to spend some time with yourself and just have fun! 🥰
Don’t you think perfumes are the best companion while you are enjoying all the above-mentioned scenarios? Imagine going on a date without an enticing fragrance? Watching a movie while cuddling and there is no fragrance to heat things up? And most importantly, not gifting your spouse a fragrance they can associate you with? Sounds boring right? 🙊

To spice things up, we have compiled a list of the 15 best Valentine’s Day perfumes! Rejoice your love with some mesmerizing DUA fragrances. 👇

Creamy Coffee Flan



Creamy Coffee Flan, a sensual take on gourmand fragrances that you wish was served on a dessert plate! Dark accords of espresso sauce and syrup to satisfy all the dark fragrance desires. It is topped with creamy sweet accords of vanilla and flan so that you can experience the scent of this dreamy dessert for a long time. Take your Valentine plans to a sweeter level by spritzing some Creamy Coffee Flan. 😋

Banana Cream Pie Cocktail



Let the sweet scent of Banana Cream Pie Cocktail draw you in! This Valentine, be ready to experience the most intoxicating aroma of vanilla. Since it is a unisex scent, you may either buy it as a thoughtful gift for your spouse or keep it for yourself to make a bigger impression on her. 😈

Drowning in Miss Congeniality ‘s Aphrodisiac



You can take Valentine’s Day as an excuse to spoil your lover with a scent they will remember forever! Drowning In Miss Congeniality’s Aphrodisiac is filled with aroma’s that will ignite nothing but love. Ginger, lychee, and pear come together to create a fragrant blend that will instantly put you in the mood for Valentine's Day. 🙈

Simple Pleasures



The most pleasurable thing to do on Valentine’s Day is to play around with sensual scents. Just after a few spritz of Simple Pleasures, the moment of love between you two will spice up! The dark pleasure of woody accords combined with some peppery notes is what you can expect. The scent is long-lasting, so you don’t have to run for touch-ups and ruin the moment. 😍

Accidental Angelic Vanille Elixir



Gifting a fragrance than a flower bouquet is a smart move as they last longer. The varieties of vanilla used in Accidental Angelic Vanille Elixir gives a delicious creamy touch to the scent. The addition of amber spicy ingredients is what makes this olfactory a great unisex that either of you can spray for a kick-ass fragrance. 🥰

Melt In Love



The divine scent of chocolate is irresistible whether it is luxuriously wrapped or captured in a DUA bottle. Melt In Love is a perfect scent to enjoy Valentine’s Day as the sensual aroma of Dark Chocolate, oud, and nutmeg will melt the heart of your spouse. The fruity accords of mandarin orange and bergamot is there to keep the freshness alive till the scent last. The day is meant to embrace love - do it fearlessly! 💑

Her Curve



She will undoubtedly treasure the aroma of Her Curve with the fruity opening and the floral accords that gives all the flirty vibes. Sandalwood and cedar wood tones serve as the scent's base, giving it a strong presence. She deserves to feel queenie vibes, so let her! 👸

Her Happiness



Want to know how to deal with the mood swings of your girl? Her Happiness is what you should try! The fruity floral aroma will transform her cranky mood to a calm mood. Valentine’s Day is the day to make cute efforts to keep the spark alive and there is nothing but a fragrance that will do the trick effortlessly. Click on BUY NOW and thank us later! 🙌

Her Shyness



Her Shyness is so alluring that it will tempt him to approach you for a closer encounter. The sweetness of vanilla and the charm of red apple are combined to create this deadly scent that will lend you compliments every time you wear it. We can proudly say it’s the best perfume for valentine’s day to try! 🥰

Be In Love



It’s like everything played its part to push this scent into the list of valentine’s day perfume gifts. From the name, Be In Love to the satisfying accords used in the fragrance. The fragrance begins with fruity accords of bergamot and orange, the middle notes have a touch of jasmine while the base is all about expensive accords of civet, musk, and labdanum. Be In Love would be the best gift to make her fall harder for you or your choice of scent. You are winning either way! 😋

She Loves Red



Red is known for the color of love, similarly She Loves Red will become her fragrance of love once she gets her hands on it. The fragrance begins with the cherry note that gradually transmits into tonka beans, musk, and labdanum. If your girl is bold and confident and loves some dark fragrances with hints of oriental accords, she will eventually adopt She Loves Red as her signature scent! 💞

Havana’s Royal Chariot



The accords in Havana’s Royal Chariot works in a beautiful harmony just like the chemistry between two lovebirds. Take this chance to express your love to him because men also deserve attention and appreciation for all their good deeds. This amber hybrid will be the perfect Valentine’s Day gift you can give him to witness how instantly he falls in love with the scent. 😍

His Curve



If it’s the first time that you are confessing your love to him and skeptical on what to buy, His Curve is the fragrance you should go for. If you want him to be impressed by your choice, then this aromatic scent will convince him fully. Let him know how particular and rich your choice is! 😍

His Oud Noir



His Oud Noir is the most masculine scent that you will come across. The darkness of the oud is mixed with the sultry effect of leather wood and black pepper. The scent is the perfect pick for a Valentine’s Day out with her. The aroma is so addictive that she will spend the rest of the night with you. What else do you want? 🙈

His Ideal Cologne



Valentine scents are hard to pick. Just like the day, your fragrance should stand out too. His Ideal Cologne would be an ideal fragrance to be bathed with on this loving day. The bright scent of grapefruit and bergamot will keep you fresh and energetic all-day while almond vetiver and musk will keep that strong dominant man aura around you. The same way she is captivated by your love; she will be by the aroma of your body. 💏

All the above-mentioned scents are long-lasting with the most addictive aromas that are perfect for Valentine’s Day fragrances. Either buy it for yourself or your better half, the choice is all yours now. Happy Valentine’s Day! 💘

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