Christmas MUST-HAVES: Featuring our best DUA fragrances for this holiday!


Christmas and the holiday season are all about spending quality time with friends and family, exchanging gifts, and laughter, eating lots of food and making memories. 😍

But do you know what? This amazing feeling can be boosted even further by using a great fragrance that complements this occasion! To serve this purpose we have sorted out some of the most suitable fragrances for you to end the year perfectly with! 🙌

Chocolate Hazelnut Marshmallow


Chocolate Hazelnut Marshmallow fragrance is what you need to make your Christmas Eve sweet. The chocolate in this scent is exquisite, while strawberry and vanilla marshmallow provide a delicate and billowy undertone that supports the vibrant goodness of the juice. This classic will lend you compliments through the day! 🍫

Lokum (Turkish Delight)


Our DUA Originals are always a hit! Hence, we keep trying to introduce the most loveable scents, be it of any! Lokum (Turkish Delight) is one of those scents that we are extremely proud of. The combo starts off with the aqueous, floral character of rosewater before the delicious ways of pistachio overtakes the scent. Together, the flavors of lemon and raspberry produce a sweet-tart aroma. For greater longevity, the entire fragrance is bound together with musk. Make a Turkish delicacy inspired expression, Lokum, yours today! 🧇

Tres Leches


Celebrations are incomplete without a sweet dish. And there is no way such detailing goes unnoticed by the Robin Hood of fragrances, Mr. Mahsam! Tres Leches fragrance is especially created for the Christmas Eve, that too on the demand of many. Notes like vanilla, chocolate, and muguet are what you can expect from this. All in all, this is a treat from us to you, that you will love instantly! 🤤

Caramel Coffee Cake


Imagine being a coffee cake lover and still not getting it served at the Christmas party? A nightmare, isn’t it? Don’t worry, Caramel Coffee Cake fragrance by The Dua Brand is here to rescue you in such situations. This creation has coffee at its core, while caramel warms it up with its lactonic sweetness. Be as delicious as possible and enjoy the holiday season to the fullest! 😋

Salted Caramel Bourbon


Attention bourbon lovers! Salted Caramel Bourbon is ready to make you addicted to the scent. We have a caramel note added into a bourbon to deepen the aroma of this classic gourmand scent. Coffee and Vanila accords will take the scent to new olfactory heights. Nonetheless, the lasting power of cinnamon and roasted coffee beans will keep you hooked! You are just a spray away from encountering the craziness of this delectable fragrance! 🙉

Mulled Wine


Do you want to add spiciness to your already heated Christmas celebration? Mulled Wine will serve the purpose perfectly! The maple syrup blending with the white musk will create an alluring juice that is impossible to ignore. The current season is all about gatherings, lounging, good times, and adventures—all of which would be lacking without The Dua Brand’s Mulled Wine! 🌲

White Hot Chocolate And Rum


This Christmas get yourself indulged in the goodness of hot chocolate with hints of spice and mint. White Hot Chocolate And Rum fragrance by The Dua Brand is here to stay! The mouthwatering aroma of whipped cream and marshmallow will urge you to make room for our beloved DUA Original. Planning to impress someone special on this special occasion? White Hot Chocolate And Rum will execute it properly! 🥂

Caramelized Sugar S’Mores


Who doesn’t love the aroma of freshly made S’Mores? We have brought that aroma to life with hints of vanilla and smoked marshmallows. Caramelized Sugar S’Mores is our take on this most loved sweet dish especially on festivities. We don’t think you will get a better time than this holiday season to give this beauty a shot! 🥯

Exquisitely Aromatic


Our first pick is Exquisitely Aromatic by DUA fragrances! You are missing out on a lot if you haven’t experienced this elusive scent yet. The earthy aroma of fir will leave you in a tranquil state of mind. The presence of resins will create a beautiful ambery dry-down and guess what? Cloves and cedarwood will keep the scent intact throughout the day. 😋

A Barbershop On Fire


The one fragrance that you must wear on Christmas eve is A Barbershop On Fire! We have mixed lavender, vanilla and lime to create a sweet, bright, and aromatic perfume to delight your gathering even more! 🤩

Blueberry Dreams


Spray some Blueberry Dreams if you are invited to a party to celebrate Christmas, there is zero chance that you will go unnoticed! The joyful combination of cognac and blueberry will keep you energetic till the party last. Whereas tobacco will provide charm and grace, dark chocolate and cocoa are there to make it extremely tempting! We aren’t taking any blame if people are not leaving you alone. Because the fragrance is so attractive! 🙈

Capture Your Heart


Capture Your Heart is bound to do what the name says. Interestingly, heart notes like cloves, black pepper, and powdery notes are added to make the scent irresistible. Top notes like bergamot and rose will make you fall in love with this scent. Do yourself a favor and get your bottle of Capture Your Heart today! 💝

A New Life


Seductive raspberries with flirty magnolia and orris are nothing but an absolute treat to the senses. A New Life is our take on the famous scent, A Eugene Tale! The lasting power is strong because of vanilla and oud. If you want to smell unique this holiday season, give a chance to A New Life! 😈

High Grounds


High expectations always hurt; they say! But High Grounds by The Dua Brand will never do so. The best floral fragrance that you can have for the Christmas festivities! The musk is blended smoothly with the cotton flower to provide you with a luxurious scent. While violet, jasmine, and lily will establish a tranquil floral banquet. It’s your right to treat yourself royally with the few sprays of High Grounds. 🙌

Passionately Dolce


We don’t think that you will go with some other fragrance other than chocolate, vanilla, tonka bean, and musk! Passionately Dolce is our inspired expression of Dolce Passion. The gourmand that you don’t know you needed! Hurry Up! The stock is limited! 😛

Magnetic moon


The Magnetic characteristic of the ingredients used in the scent led us to name this iconic Magnetic Moon! Prior to Styrax and Peru balsam establishing the resinous magic of the fragrance, cardamom and cinnamon produce the spicy contrast in the opening. The strong foundation is laid down by cedar and other woody notes. Our inspired expression of Lune Feline will make you fall in love! 🌙

Just like Santa knows what you want, being a family, we know you needed this article to sort the fragrances for you and your loved ones! Truly, it is the beautiful time of the year, cherish and enjoy it to the fullest. Merry Christmas! 🥳

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