Top 10 Best Leather Fragrances For Winters!

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Gentle, calm, and serene foggy mornings are your sign to update your fragrance collection. Is there anything more exotic and sensual than leather fragrances? There is no doubt that leather fragrances are marketed as masculine scents but when combined with fruity and floral accords, they become a must-have for women as well. 🤝

Below are our top 10 best perfume for winter season from leather classification. Let’s dig in the article and help you pick the best one for you! 🙌

Leather Supernova

Leather Supernova

We created this hybrid to get a balance between a leather and a fresh scent so that it is equally loved by both genders. Leather Supernova has all the accords that work exceptionally well with leather; be it floral, citrusy or aromatic, you will experience lots of flavor in this single fragrance warrior. The deeper you dive into Leather Supernova the more you would want it. 😍

Cuìr De Afrìcano

Cuir De Africano

Cuir De Africano has it all: edgy, sensual, classy, bold, and regal. Accords as deep as agarwood, leather, and musk are combined with spicy ingredients like cardamom, and cumin to make it a perfect leather fragrance. This stellar leather scent will lend you non-stop compliments this winter. 🤩

Leather For The Ages

Leather of the ages

Leather-based fragrances have been men’s favorites for ages! Leather For The Ages is one of those scents that will remind you of ancient times and provide you with perfect comfort and coziness for the winter season. Benzoin, oud wood, incense, and raspberry are what this fragrance is made of. Well-complimented scent for your winter attire! 🙈

Leather Oud

Leather Oud

If you are into leather fragrances, you might know about Tuscan Leather by Tom Ford. Leather Oud is our iteration of this classy fragrance. Notes like leather, suede, amber, and raspberry will keep the scent interesting throughout the day. A leather olfactory that is made for both genders. Get your winter leather scent now! 🙌

Bois Noir

Bois Nuir

Bois Noir is a mixture of ambery, woody, and leathery ingredients, which makes it a unique and rich scent, specifically for chilly days. The blend of mild and strong accords makes it a hit for a unisex genre scent. No need for that extra coffee doze to keep you warm, Bois Noir by The DUA Brand is here to the rescue. 👀

Leather Supremacy

Leather Supermacy

Leather Supremacy! If the name alone isn’t enough to convey the opulent nature of the scent, we are sure the complex blend of cardamom, vanilla, and oak moss topped with leather will surely do the job. Floral accords are just the perfect idea to add delicacy to the scent so that women can enjoy the scent too. Winter will leave you, but the aura of this banger will never! 🙊

Majesty's Leather

Majectic Leather

Vanilla ice cream topped with your favorite dry fruit, dim lights, a cozy blanket, and a good movie. What a perfect winter vibe! A scent as leathery as Majesty’s Leather will enhance the environment. Whiffs of expensive accords like oud, ambroxan, and osmanthus will give you all the royal vibes. If you want to experience the aura of majesty, Majesty’s Leather is just a check out away! 😋

Ancient Leather

Ancient Leather

Don’t get played by the name. Ancient Leather is more modern than you think. There is no need to layer this beauty with any other. This leather scent is coupled with exotic keynotes like isobutyl quinoline, cade oil, and styrax to make it more incense. Inspire others this winter by spraying some Ancient Leather! 🥰

Leather Of Istanbul

Leather of istanbul

Resting on luxurious leather furniture while you get served Raki (a famous Turkish Drink) is what you will experience by wearing Leather Of Istanbul. The trio of cocoa, labdanum, and Oud will boost your confidence. You will feel the expensiveness of the scent as soon as you spray it. The scent will provide you warmth and comfort, is there anything else that we need to get through this cold world…we mean cold weather! 🥶



Want to add class to your fragrance collection? The addition of Distance fragrance by The Dua Brand will do the trick amazingly. This high-quality rendition has notes of vanilla, leather, rose, and jasmine combined with cinnamon to give a little bit of spiciness. The scent of Distance will never fail to set you apart from the crowd. 😋

Finally, that’s all for leather-based fragrances. Just in case you are looking for a scent other than leather, head over to: to get your hands on some of the best perfume for winter season! 🙌

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