Everything You Need To Know About Fragrance Notes


There is a lot that goes behind the creation of fragrances. The scent that prompts you to buy a particular olfactory bottle results from our deep research and experiments of different notes used in perfume. 😊

Wait, what did you just read? fragrance notes? Do you know what are fragrance notes? Well, notes in fragrance are as important as scent to a fragrance; the breakdown consists of: Top Notes, Heart Notes, and Base Notes. 🙌

What Are Top Notes?


Top notes or heart notes are the ones you initially sniff or what we call the top layer of a fragrance profile. The major credit that convinces you to buy a scent goes to this layer, but they aren’t there to stay. 🙅‍♀️

The maximum time for top notes to stay is not more than 15 minutes; they help in smooth transitions towards the middle and base notes that are meant to stay for hours!

What Are The Common Top notes?
Common top notes include:

  • Light Notes
  • Citrusy Notes
  • Aromatic Notes

What Are Middle Notes?


Middle Notes are also known as 'heart notes,' a name that accurately describes their function in forming the scent's heart. They help in retaining the top-note aroma while adding more depth to the scent. 😋

70% of the scent trail is based on heart notes, therefore the staying power is more than an hour. The oil concentration is a little more in the middle notes so that they are noticeable to you till the end of your scent journey!

What Are The Common Heart notes?
Perfume heart notes usually include the following:

  • Fresh Notes
  • Floral Notes
  • Fruity Notes

What Are Base notes?


Fragrance base notes are the ones with the largest molecular weight and staying power. They add depth and resonance to the scent. The notes usually consist of rich and luxurious accords. 🥰

Since the base notes sink into the skin, the chance of them to linger on increases and they can last you up to 6 hours or even more in some cases. By the way, DUA fragrances stays up to 8 hours, so do explore our website if you’re in search of some long-lasting fragrances! 😉

What Are The Common Base notes?
Base notes consist of the following:

  • Spicy Notes
  • Woody Notes
  • Musky Notes

We have shared a basic knowledge about top, middle, and base note in a fragrance so that next time you shop, you know what to expect. Hope this guide helps! 😊

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